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JUSBE Interactive paperless remote video conferencing system successfully applied to the people's co

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Gaoyao District is a municipal district under the jurisdiction of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. It is located in the central part of Guangdong Province and in the middle and lower reaches of the Xijiang River. It belongs to the Economic Development Center of Zhaoqing City.

1. Project Background

The People’s Court of Gaoyao District has done its due diligence in order to maintain social order, protect the citizens of the country, and ensure the smooth progress of the socialist revolution and economic construction.

In government affairs, there are many large and small events in decision-making; the study and communication of party building work; the construction and deployment of internal management systems, and the frequency of organizing meetings is becoming more frequent.


Driven by the era of digital intelligence, the traditional single conference mode has been unable to meet the versatile conference scene. To this end, the court needs to build an advanced, intelligent and practical meeting room to solve important daily government meetings.


After understanding the customer's demand for the conference room, Jiabi designed an interactive paperless remote video conference system that integrates paperless system, sound reinforcement system, central control matrix system and high-definition recording and broadcasting system. 


Built-in Jusbe paperless system service software integrated dual-display lifting terminal, making the meeting room clean, beautiful, very modern, and then with the conference server, to achieve full interactive intelligent, convenient meeting mode.



Using the number will discuss the microphone, the sound is sensitive, the restoration effect is real, the conversation person can easily speak without deliberately speaking loudly; the high-quality audio equipment in the conference room is small and compact, the installation is flexible, the sound field is evenly distributed, stable, and the sound quality is good.



The application of matrix and central control system can centrally control and manage equipment and environmental status.

High-definition recording system, which can clearly record and completely save the sound picture in the conference. When guiding the subordinate work, it is also possible to interconnect and share resources of remote audio and video information.


1) Meet the daily work meetings of the court, party building meetings, confidential meetings, remote video/recording meetings.

2) It has the functions of one-click uploading of conference materials, conference sign-in, data review, voting, whiteboard communication, same-screen annotation, tea call service, web browsing, file data encryption and archiving, and one-click destruction.

3) With video tracking during the conference, real-time recording, on-demand, storage and video remote interaction.

4) The conference has a variety of conference modes, and the scene is switched at will; the sound reinforcement has no interference, and the sound quality is clear and full.


4. Customer Feedback

This paperless system is very modern, stable in operation and easy to operate and manage.

The efficiency of the current meeting has been greatly improved, and it has been environmentally friendly. It has solved the cumbersome process of organizing meetings. The important materials for the meeting can be archived and encrypted, safe and secure.