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JUSBE paperless remote video conference system applied to a people's procurator-ate in a district of

Date:2019-08-15 15:40:44    Visits:2016

1. Project Overview

Under the correct leadership of the higher-level procurator-ate and local party committees, the People's Procurator-ate of a  district of Guangdong Province has always insisted on strengthening legal supervision and safeguarding fairness and justice to provide a strong judicial guarantee for urban social and economic development.

Since the implementation of various pro-curatorial work, we have adhered to the road of scientific and technological inspections, constantly strengthened infrastructure construction, accelerated the pace of information construction, and created favorable conditions for fulfilling pro-curatorial duties according to law.

2. Project Requirements       

In order to realize conference informationization, improve conference efficiency and save resources, the conference room of the procuratorate needs to create a set of intelligent and efficient paperless conference rooms for various work conferences, theme reports, special party classes, video conferences, etc.


According to customer needs and the measurement analysis of the project site, JUSBE designed a 12-point paperless remote video conferencing system. After the acceptance, many different conferences have been successfully held and won praises!


3. Solution & Function 

The paperless terminal with a microphone is installed on the desktop of the conference table. The dual-display and one-lift terminal with microphone is simple in construction and convenient to install. The whole desktop is beautiful and tidy.

This conference system integrates conference agenda and announcement, conference secretary, file upload and download, annotation service, projection service, on-screen service, live video service, conference voting service, call service, information exchange, web browsing, interactive whiteboard, One-click lifting control, file encryption and archiving and other functions in one of the rich conference service functions, the participants can complete the operation of the conference content by finger touch screen, the whole meeting process is flexible, efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly.



The conference room sound reinforcement equipment uses PS series conference speakers, sound pressure is sufficient, light and easy to hang, the installation angle can be flexibly adjusted according to the sound reinforcement service range, ensuring uniform sound field distribution, clear and bright sound quality, and stable during the discussion. An orderly language environment.


4. Customer Feedback

The experience during the meeting was very good, and the system features rich, stable and easy to master.

Organizational meetings are highly flexible, and extraordinary meeting can be easily deployed.

Compared with traditional conferences, conference communication is now more smooth and unobstructed, saving time and efficiency.