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JUSBE Paperless remote video conferencing system applied to a county people's procurator-ate in Hech

Date:2019-08-15 15:45:17    Visits:1820

The people's procuratorate of a county in Hechi City has a construction area of 5,200 square meters, and the number of building floors is 5 floors. There are 3 large, medium and small trial courts, and there are business halls, auditing rooms, conference rooms, activity rooms, etc. 46 rooms.

In recent years, under the correct leadership and support of the District High Court, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court, the County Party Committee and the county government, under the supervision and guidance of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, a county people's court has always adhered to the correct political direction, forging ahead and advancing with the times. Work creatively, and the work of the court has entered the first stage of the citywide and even the district court system.



1. Project Requirements

In order to simplify the meeting process, improve the meeting environment, improve the decision-making power of the meeting and strengthen the confidential management of important information, the people's procuratorate of a county in Hechi City needs to create a meeting room suitable for various meeting forms to solve the traditional single meeting. Kind of question:

1) Before the meeting, it is necessary to print the meeting materials of different departments. The number of copies is large, which is easy to cause duplication and wrong.

2) The annotation or modification of the materials in the meeting is difficult to record and cannot be shared in real time; the discussion process cannot be communicated in an orderly and timely manner, and the flexibility is poor.

3) A lot of paper documents are wasted after the meeting, and it is easy to leak inside the secrets without security.

4) The layout of the conference table is complex, and the items are messy and affect the appearance.


2. Solution

According to the actual needs of the procuratorate, Jiabi designed a 11-point paperless remote video conferencing system solution for the conference room to meet the daily work meetings, video conferences, confidential meetings and seminars of the procuratorate.



The configuration of the high-definition ultra-thin LCD touch screen, single-screen with a one-button microphone or independent lifting control, embedded installation, making the entire meeting room look neat and beautiful.




The paperless conference terminal is a collection of rich conference service functions, and the entire conference process is efficient and convenient.

The transformation of the electronic version of the document simplifies the use of paper documents. Pre-conference uploading, reviewing and commenting on the information in the meeting, downloading the permissions after the meeting, one-click archiving encryption and deletion, not only improve the efficiency of the meeting, but also ensure the security of important data and prevent hidden dangers. Conference design, voting, on-screen projection sharing, electronic whiteboard communication, web browsing, conference call and other functional design, participants can complete the whole process without paper through this terminal touch, the entire meeting is intelligent, efficient, flexible and convenient process.



In addition, in the conference sound reinforcement, four professional conference speakers were selected with the first-level indicators of language sound reinforcement system in the Design Standard for Sound Reinforcement System of Halls and Stadiums, and wall-mounted ones were installed in front and rear of the conference room. only. The sound field is evenly distributed, the sound reproduction is natural and true, the sound quality is clear and beautiful, and the feedback suppressor is matched to solve the howling problem caused by the high loop between the speaker and the conference microphone, and obtain a good hearing effect.

3. Customer Feedback

 The conference system is safe, stable, and practical, with convenient interface control and easier meeting.

The meeting is efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly, and wastes without the need to print large amounts of paper documents.

The organization meeting has high flexibility and can be used in a variety of meeting modes. The meeting rhythm is easy to control.

After the meeting, the data can be double-encrypted and has high security. There is no need to worry about some important content leaking out and causing unnecessary damage.