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Hunan Xiangjiang New District Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xiangjiang Group) is an important functional platform for infrastructure construction, important area development, modern industrial system construction, ecological environment development and governance, and two-type social construction in Hunan Xiangjiang New District. The development idea of government-led, market-oriented operation, professional operation.



1. Project Requirements

The Xiangjiang Group's external project construction has always been adhering to the international quality and high-end, and the internal management is constantly optimized and strengthened. In the huge group business, numerous development and social construction projects, and party building instructions, large and small meetings are inevitable. The traditional conference room can no longer meet the needs of multi-functional and diverse conference scenes.



The group has more than 10 subsidiaries and the office area covers 9 floors. There are many people in the company, and there are many departments. These problems are inevitable in the meeting: the preparation work before the meeting is complicated, the notice is not in place, the amount of information required during the meeting is large, the meeting time is difficult to control, the communication is not timely, and the temporary meeting is slow to deploy. The meeting was repeated and so on.

2. Solution

After fully understanding the needs of the client and the on-the-spot investigation, JUSBE designed a broadcasting system for the 9-story office building of Xiangjiang Group, and functionalized the design for 20 conference rooms: 1 multi-functional video conference hall + no paper One remote video conference room + 18 digital video conference rooms.



This design integrates the background music system, paperless system, wireless digital conference system, professional sound reinforcement system, central control system, high-definition matrix system, video recording and broadcasting system as one of the remote intelligent interactive interconnection and overall solution. The whole system is intelligent and digitally integrated, and the sub-systems can realize the link of audio and video information, the signal switching and the interactive circulation of the microphone language between the main conference room and the sub-conference room.



The paperless lifting terminal used in the main conference room and the touch screen operation mode make the various conference modes rich and easy; the pre-consultation management right sets the operation authority of the participants to ensure that the conference is performed normally, orderly and safely. The interactive functions of electronic whiteboard, on-screen annotation and screen sharing have solved the problem of poor communication and untimely on-site, and improved the efficiency of collaborative work.

The main conference hall and each individual conference room can connect audio and video information, switch, and share conference content resources to achieve conference interconnection. After the meeting, the file encryption setting avoids the leakage of confidential content and has a high safety factor.


The multi-function hall and the main conference room adopt a desktop video tracking type conference system, and the conference room adopts a digital discussion type conference system, and the wiring is simple, beautiful and simple. The conference microphone is divided into a chairman unit and a representative unit, and the number and priority of the speech can be set. The directional microphone design, the sound is picked up naturally, the vocal expression is smooth, clear and true.




In terms of sound reinforcement, the multi-function hall is equipped with a high-precision linear array speaker system. The sound quality is beautiful, full and accurate. The entire hall fully meets the high requirements for sound field interpretation in multi-person conference scenes.


The conference hall/room is equipped with high-quality speakers, which are light and have a high sound pressure level. The language is clear, the sound image is positioned correctly, and the sound field is evenly distributed.



The design of the background music system of the office building adopts the high-grade fixed-resistance ceiling speaker and the ceiling installation method, which is both concealed and beautiful. The coaxial treble design, the radiation angle is adjustable, the sound quality is rich in layering, the stereo effect, clear and bright. Light music playback outside of work creates a relaxed office atmosphere. Meet the daily important meeting notices, business broadcast calls, in the event of an emergency, play a fire warning and system joint action to ensure the building area and personal safety.

3. Effect

1) Satisfied daily work meetings, multi-function/multi-media meetings, remote video meetings, confidential meetings, extraordinary meeting, and important meetings.

2) The system has strong stability, comprehensive functions and reasonable and practical. It has system compatibility and scalability, and it is convenient to add new functions and modules in the later stage.

3) Meeting process with meeting announcement setting, meeting data uploading, meeting sign-in, data review, resolution voting, electronic whiteboard, live video viewing, data synchronization, annotation, screen screening, tea call service, meeting details viewing, file encryption filing, One-click destruction and other functions.



4) Wireless digital conference has the setting of speaking permission, and various conference modes are switched at will, and the anti-interference is strong.

  5) Video switching, video tracking, real-time recording, on-demand, and storage functions during conferences.


4. Customer Feedback

In the past, traditional meetings were very inconvenient, and there were many employees. Some important meetings could not be brought together. All departments needed to be convened again, taking up time and being inefficient.

Now the meeting not only improves the meeting environment, but also has a high degree of flexibility in application. No matter the preparation work before the meeting; the discussion, demonstration, decision-making in the meeting; the finishing after the meeting, the meeting efficiency is greatly improved. The system has strong stability during operation, convenient operation and simple maintenance in the later stage.