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JUSBE Digital video conferencing system applied to rural credit cooperatives in Kaili City, Guizhou

Date:2019-08-15 15:57:05    Visits:1998

Kaili City, located in the eastern part of Guizhou Province, is the capital of the southeastern Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. It is a regional central city in the eastern part of Guizhou Province of China. It is also the center of political, economic, cultural, pedestrian, science and technology, education, logistics, and information flow of the southeastern state.



 1.Project Background

In order to promote local economic development over the years, Kaili Rural Credit Cooperative in Southeast Guizhou has taken the initiative to adapt to the new normal, dare to innovate, adhere to the market positioning of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, serving the community, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and carrying out precise poverty alleviation and promoting entrepreneurial employment. In accordance with national laws and financial policies, the organization of mediation of rural funds, support for agricultural production and comprehensive rural development, effectively limit non-performing loans and crack down on usury, truly reflects the party has a call, the group has action.

2. Project Requirements

With the increase in financial demand, in order to promote the steady development of various businesses, information exchange and work reporting have become more frequent. There are three areas in this project. Kaili Rural Credit Cooperatives requested the construction of the conference system to be convenient and controllable, the sound transmission of the venue was stable, and the conference discussion was clear and orderly. To this end, JUSBE has designed a set of audio and video solutions integrating professional sound reinforcement system, hand-in-hand digital conference system, high-definition matrix system and video tracking.


3. Solution 

According to the comprehensive consideration of the site and the needs of customers, the three areas of the project were divided into functional areas: multi-functional conference room on the first floor, multimedia conference room on the second floor, and digital video conference room on the third floor, all using digital audio and video transmission technology. Fully meet diverse conference scenarios for large conferences, academic reports, presentations, training and language-based sound reinforcement.



In the important sound reinforcement system, JUSBE strictly follows the national regulations and industry standards, and the selection, layout and equipment configuration are optimized.



The combination of main and auxiliary sound box + amplifier + mixer makes the whole venue achieve the most ideal sound field status. The sound field in the front and rear areas is evenly distributed, the sound image is positioned accurately, the sound quality is beautiful, and there is no noise interference, so that each listener can feel the high-definition language effect.




The conference system of the conference room adopts a hand-in-hand digital conference system with beautiful appearance, flexible installation and low wiring. The design of the super-directional microphone is true and natural, and the setting of multiple speaking modes and speaking rights ensures the orderly and timely effect of the meeting. Connect the camera to achieve camera tracking, and you can switch to the speaker close-up at any time to meet the needs of large-scale multi-person use and conference live recording.



The configured matrix system has strong compatibility, supports transmission and seamless switching of various audio and video signals, and perfectly presents different conference content and video display requirements.



4. Customer Feedback

The sound amplification effect on the spot is very good, the distribution is even, the sound quality is clear, the system is stable, and the function is practical and powerful.

The conference microphone has a sensitive sound, natural sound, simple operation, rich conference mode and high efficiency.