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JUSBE Paperless conference system applied to Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences

Date:2019-08-15 16:00:33    Visits:1928

1. Project Background

Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences is a provincial full-time undergraduate college of higher education, covering an area of more than 1,300 acres. The school always adheres to the school-running philosophy of learning to use and serving the society, constantly exploring and advancing with the times, and has trained a large number of high-quality applied talents for Gansu's economic and social construction and basic education development.



2. Project Requirements & Solutions

In order to carry out school teaching work conferences, school activities and training meetings efficiently and conveniently, JUSBE designed a set of paperless, wireless conference system, professional sound reinforcement, video tracking and recording in the conference hall of Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences. Paperless meeting solution.

This conference system is equipped with advanced system, functional practicability and technical stability. It provides a variety of service functions for pre-conference preparation, in-meeting management and post-conference finishing.



Paperless office conference, full digital, flexible operation, adapt to fast-paced work environment. Real-time communication, intelligent interactive operation, conference call one-click completion, no longer interfere with the conference process, data sharing, confidential filing, etc., to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient meeting. It solves the complicated preparation process before the meeting of the traditional meeting, the low efficiency, the boring and poor communication during the meeting.



 In the conference sound reinforcement, professional processing equipment is also applied to solve the problem of sound interference, howling and unclear sound in the sound field, to ensure that the conference is not disturbed, and to convey the true voice of the speaker to the participants. In the ear, the sound field of the audience area is evenly distributed, and the sound quality is fine and not distorted.



3.Function realization

1) The service system runs stably, functions comprehensively and reasonably, and is easy to operate and operate; supports multiple conference rooms, multiple administrator settings, unlimited number of conference terminals, and distributed architecture to build large conferences.

2) Meet the requirements of daily work meetings, video conferences, multi-functional conferences, etc.

3) E-sign-in, voting, shared data uploading and downloading, document synchronization reading, and on-screen annotation; one-click archiving of agendas, announcements, materials, voting details, etc.; confidential meeting and encrypted files have high safety factor.

4) The camera tracking sensitivity is high when the conference is discussed, real-time recording and real-time playback are realized; the audio and video playback is clear and smooth, and the sound quality is good.

5) Wireless digital conference has a variety of conference modes to achieve random switching of the scene.


4. Customer Feedback

1) Different from the traditional conference mode, it is now smart and environmentally friendly.

2) The meeting is efficient and easy, and the system equipment is easy to operate.

3) Important meetings can also be recorded and saved on site.

5. Application

Wisdom education

Military/public security system

Energy transportation industry

Government agencies

Stylistic tour

Medical industry

logistics industry