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JUSBE Create a classic scenic spot - Comrade Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall

Date:2019-08-15 16:03:04    Visits:1756

Hunan, the capital of Changsha, is located in the middle reaches of China and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.


1. Project Background

  Comrade Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall is located in Huaminglou Town, Changsha, Hunan. The main building covers an area of more than 3,200 square meters. It is the only comprehensive and systematic biographical museum in China that introduces Liu Shaoqi's life performance. It has been rated as National First Class Museum, National 5A Level Tourist Attractions, National Patriotism Education Base and National Clean and Honest Education Base. Therefore, more and more people come to visit, pay homage, and academic exchanges.



2. Project Requirements & Solutions

 In the memorial hall, a multi-functional conference hall is needed to carry out various work meetings and activities. Based on the principle of design specifications for sound reinforcement systems in halls and stadiums, JUSBE has designed a multimedia conference hall with digital conference system + conference sound reinforcement to meet the needs of daily meetings, academic seminars, lectures, trainings and cultural performances. The purpose of the function.



 The adopted Jiabi wireless digital conference system, 1 (chairman unit) + 8 (delegate unit) microphone unit, the primary and secondary rights are distinct, controllable and orderly speaking; the microphone has high directivity, picking up the real, and maintaining the maintenance. With a digital audio processor, it can effectively modify and adjust the sound field.


The sound reinforcement system combines the actual needs and rationally selects, layouts and installs the sound reinforcement box.

Speakers are placed on the wall of the left and right side of the audience hall. The sound is evenly distributed, the sound quality is clear, and the listening area can get good hearing effects.


The main expansion + bass stage line array, accurate sound source projection, return to the labyrinth remote bass, the effect is strong, shock.

With a number of professional pure final stage power amplifiers, the power is powerful, fully meeting the requirements of the sound field interpretation effect of large multi-person scenes.

3. Customer Feedback

The layout of the design is beautiful and practical. Whether it is a work meeting or a stage event, it can meet our requirements. The speaker of the meeting is natural and clear, and the sound distribution throughout the hall is even, without interference and whistling.