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JUSBE Built Multi-Function Hall of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Model Key School - Hailar Second

Date:2019-08-15 16:09:37    Visits:1842

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one of China's five ethnic autonomous regions, is located in the northern frontier of the People's Republic of China, the capital of Hohhot, with an area of 1.183 million square kilometers, accounting for 12.3% of the country's total area. Inner Mongolia has abundant reserves, and the grassland, forest and per capita arable land ranks first in China. The rare earth metal reserves rank first in the world and also the largest grassland pastoral area in China.


1.  Project Background

Hailar Second Middle School was founded in 1937. It is the only Chinese high school, key middle school in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the first demonstration high school in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is ranked first in Inner Mongolia Middle School and 12th in the country. It is a top-notch school in terms of educational infrastructure and faculty. In addition to improving modern teaching conditions, expanding quality education resources, and improving the infrastructure construction functions of the new district, the construction of the new campus of Hailar II is a milestone in the history of education development.


2. Project Requirements


In order to further enhance the campus culture construction and information resource exchange venue of the new campus of Hailar II, it is necessary to build a lecture hall with multiple comprehensive functions for sound reinforcement. For this reason, JUSBE has designed a professional sound reinforcement system for the school. Multi-functional lecture hall.

The function of the lecture hall is as follows:

Meet various reports, speeches, lectures, multimedia teaching and training, academic exchanges, etc.;

Meet the needs of school rehearsals, cultural performances, ceremonies and other activities.

3.Solution  & Function

The project hall, the audience capacity of more than 800 people, is very important for the environmental design of the sound field, such as the sound pressure distribution uniformity, audio quality, system stability has high requirements. The modern multi-purpose lecture hall is used for both language-based sound reinforcement and for the use of stage sound reinforcement. When designing the sound reinforcement system, the sound reinforcement equipment is selected and laid out according to the depth, width and height of the site. Scientific and reasonable calculation analysis.



On the two sides of the stage, six pieces per set of high-pitched + low-tone linear array full-range speakers are hanged as the main expansion speaker, and the front stage fills with 4 auxiliary speakers, 4 subwoofers, and 4 Single low frequency speaker, 6 returning speakers and 2 full-range speakers in the audience area as the auxiliary sound box for the whole field. The main and auxiliary speakers are matched to meet the sound pressure of the front, middle and back areas of the stage. The level is uniform and free of dead angle coverage, the sound image is positioned accurately, the sound field margin is sufficient, the high and medium bass levels are rich and full, and the effect is shocking.



At the same time, it is used as a conference report and speech scene. Linear array speakers have strong advantages, easy speech, beautiful sound quality, clear language, and accurate radiation in the audience area. The installation of the antenna amplifier avoids the frequency loss caused by the receiving distance or signal blocking during speech and speech, and also has the function of eliminating the mixing interference when the multi-channel is used at the same time.


The main sound reinforcement mixer uses a 32-channel mixer to meet the needs of simple language sound reinforcement and complex performance requirements, and to flexibly adjust to different scenes. Corresponding to the matching of the main and auxiliary power amplifiers, in addition to improving the safety and stability of the speaker work, it can restore the true color of the sound faithfully, and the performance is more vivid and powerful.


The configuration of professional wireless microphones can cope with different sound-amplifying environments or long-distance sounding occasions. Whether it is performance host or large-scale conference speech, it can achieve high fidelity, high reproducibility, high sensitivity and clear effect. Can meet the multi-person multi-microphone in the same scene, so do not cross-frequency, do not interfere.


 4. Customer Feedback

1) The sound reinforcement system has a reasonable layout and convenient operation, and it has excellent performance in conducting conferences or performances.

2) The sound effect is strong and shocking, and the sound is three-dimensional.

3) System debugging training service works well, equipment maintenance is simple and safe.