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JUSBE Digital video conferencing system applied to Shenzhen Qianhai School

Date:2019-08-15 16:15:46    Visits:1770

Founded in May 2003, Qianhai School of Nanshan District, Shenzhen is a nine-year, modern and characteristic public school integrating primary and junior high schools.

The school covers an area of 34,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,600 square meters and more than 2,800 students. The education and teaching facilities are first-class, and the modernization and informationization of teaching methods have been realized.


1. Project Requirements

In order to improve the quality of the conference and enrich the format of the conference, Shenzhen Qianhai School needs to build a multi-functional lecture hall to change the single conference mode. According to the comprehensive needs of customers, JUSBE designed a digital video conferencing system integrating paperless conference system, digital conference system, sound reinforcement system, central control system and matrix system to meet various school report conferences. Training, presentations, summary meetings, academic exchanges, and many other comprehensive and versatile meeting needs.


2. Solution

The sound reinforcement equipment in the hall, the main and auxiliary speakers are high-quality, high-performance two-unit two-way full-range speakers. The medium and high frequency is clear, bright and penetrating; the bass is full, strong and flexible; the sound field covers a wide and uniform range, with loud pressure and low distortion, and strives for the high definition of each conference language to restore the best auditory effect in the audience.


The high-definition ultra-thin touch-integrated lifting terminal configured on the chairman's desk allows participants to complete the uploading and downloading of meeting files, file modification and annotation, full-screen projection of important content, and electronic whiteboard. Communication, conference call service, document archiving and other functions are designed to achieve intelligent, efficient and easy conference status throughout the entire process.


In addition, the wireless digital conference system is equipped with a variety of conference mode switching. The microphone has high directivity, and the sound pickup is true and natural, and the anti-interference ability is strong. Support discussion and video tracking. When the microphone is turned on, it can automatically track the location of the speaker, and the connected video display device can display the speaker image.


The application of the central control and matrix system, the power supply, lighting, lifter, air conditioner, signal switching, and centralized intelligent control management of the camera in the lecture hall not only simplify the operation process, but also fully guarantee the timeliness and flexibility of the whole meeting.

3. Customer Feedback

The conference microphone is simple to install, has less wiring, is easy to operate, and has powerful functions.

The flexibility of the meeting is high and the meeting is effective.

The conference scene recorded and recorded by the camera has clear and smooth picture quality and good sound quality.

The equipment system is safe, stable, and easy to maintain in the later stage.