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JUSBE Customized cloud platform + paperless efficient collaborative conference system for a people's

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With the development of technologies such as cloud computing and big data, government information construction has also entered a new stage of development. Under the new service model and application of Internet + Government Service, the government cloud platform is no longer single.

1. Project Background

The People's Government of an autonomous prefecture in Sichuan, the use of the Government Cloud platform, streamlined and optimized government management and functional services, and promoted the construction of the public service system. The daily meetings of the government are frequent, and there are many participants in the meeting. The traditional meeting mode is single, cumbersome, inefficient, and wasteful of resources. Reform is urgently needed.


1. Notifications from conference staff in various departments are not in place

2. The paper data is printed in large quantities, and the distribution is easy to miss.

3. The conference process is difficult to master and cannot share information in time.

4. Data collection is difficult to collect and has poor confidentiality.

 Users have put forward some requirements: they can carry out the government cloud platform to design paperless conferences, integrate OA system, customize SMS service platform, temporarily set up conferences and remote remote conference functions.

2. Project Requirements & Solutions

     After understanding the shortcomings of customers in the actual use of traditional conferences, JUSBE customized a set of paperless remote video conferencing system with a government cloud platform for a large government conference room in Sichuan, and finally got the customer's approval. This paperless conference system integrates the OA system and integrates it reasonably in the application function, finally achieving the intelligent and efficient management status of the conference work.


 This paperless conference system adopts distributed design, and the client can expand without restrictions. It can set up large-scale conferences and meet the government's 120-point conference system for simultaneous conferences. In case of temporary emergency conferences, it can also quickly set up conferences and deploy quickly. Work content.

Cross-network operation mode can carry out remote video conferences in different places when guiding the construction of lower-level work, real-time information resource sharing, and improve the efficiency of information flow uploading and uploading. The server can also be set up on the cloud platform to seamlessly integrate with the government cloud platform.



Before the meeting, you can edit the meeting notification message on the paperless software and send it to the designated participants. The meeting department personalizes the meeting mode, and the document data is uploaded by one button. During the meeting, the document is read synchronously, the rights management is the same screen annotation, and the whiteboard exchanges. , to carry out the agenda in an orderly manner; after the meeting, the file is securely encrypted and destroyed with one click to prevent leakage.

The house number system of the equipment outside the conference room allows the participants who are admitted to the venue to keep abreast of the progress of the conference, waiting for entry.



  1) The system is easy to use, comprehensive, reasonable and practical, and also has strong stability.

2) Meet daily meetings, remote video conferences, temporary emergency meetings, confidential meetings, etc.

3) It has the management of the layout of various types of equipment, conference rooms and conference rooms.

图片83.png 图片84.png

 4) Conference functions such as conference attendance, conference agenda, announcement, conference information review, voting, interactive whiteboard, document annotation, conference communication, tea call service, web browsing, terminal asynchronous browsing, and synchronous display.

5) Have a meeting reservation, a conference release, the release side can display the conference room status, and can play related audio and video data in a loop.

4. Customer Feedback

The combination of government affairs cloud and paperless combination has increased the flexibility of our meetings, and we can organize meetings anytime and anywhere to solve the cumbersome paperwork we need to send paper documents in the past.

Give us custom development functions, it is very convenient to use, colleagues in all departments are satisfied, meeting time efficiency, intelligent and environmentally friendly.