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JUSBECampus IP network broadcasting system applied to Hailar Second Middle School

Date:2019-08-15 16:37:57    Visits:7748

1. Project Background

Since 2018, it has lasted for four years and nine months. The construction of the new campus of Hailar No. 2 Middle School successfully passed the inspection of quality inspection and fire protection departments. In July 2019, the handover ceremony of the new campus was completed, and in September, it officially opened. After the professional sound reinforcement system entered the new campus, JUSBE successfully built a multi-functional lecture hall and successfully entered the campus broadcasting system again, creating a classic case project.



2.Project Requirements

The new campus covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters. It requires a broadcasting system to serve the campus for construction planning. It is suitable for school dormitory buildings, teaching buildings, experimental buildings, administrative buildings, libraries, playgrounds, sports fields, basketball courts, canteens, Control of the entire district/district of green areas and other places. Provide intelligent timed play of class ringtones, function background music, daily music, English listening backup, fire linkage, emergency help, remote paging, multimedia information teaching and other functions.





 3. Solution Design & Function Realization

According to the campus's demand for the use of broadcasting systems, combined with the distribution of campus buildings, JUSBE designed a modern, informational campus IP network broadcasting system to achieve overall broadcasting services on campus, and strictly in accordance with the national standard GB50526-2010 "public broadcasting" Based on the technical specifications of the engineering system, scientific and reasonable design, deployment and installation.



The campus broadcast control room is located in the administrative complex, which is responsible for the centralized operation and management of the entire broadcasting system. It is also an audio data processing and exchange center, and can be unattended through system programming. The sub-control room is located in the dormitory building and is responsible for the broadcast rating limit. Right control. The IP network touch paging intercom console GP-1052 configured in the total/sub-control room and the leading office is the core device of the network intercom. It can perform all-area, partition, and individual paging speech with one button, and support multi-party intercom. With offline operation, no need for server support for paging and intercom, the control is extremely convenient and fast.


In the administrative building, teaching building, library, and dormitory building, the wall-mounted speakers and ceiling speakers installed in each floor are designed. The full-frequency design is adopted, the sound radiation angle is large, the sound quality is clear, and the delay is small, except for the daily reception of campus broadcasting. In addition, it can interfere with receiving multi-source broadcasts without interfering with each other. The configured audio and video integrated terminal is convenient for the school to publish text information and video files to be displayed more intuitively through the terminal, and at the same time, the text and video content in the server can be displayed by connecting to the LED screen. 




Two 2.4G Bluetooth active speakers are installed in each classroom, with broadcast sound reinforcement, multimedia teaching, offline backup and listening test backup. If the system is faulty, it can be disconnected from the main server and directly controlled by the internal communication intercom equipment such as network fire matrix and network paging microphone. It is stable and reliable.




The school's corridors, playgrounds, playgrounds, basketball courts and other public areas, the choice of waterproof and windproof outdoor sound column, sound transparent and beautiful, beautiful appearance, suitable for all-weather use of outdoor applications. In the green (ground) area, a reasonable number of anti-real grass speakers are arranged in a reasonable form, and the waterproof coaxial speaker design has clear sound and beautiful sound. It is very harmonious with the grassland environment on the spot, and does not affect the playing of music and broadcasting.






As a separate zone active playground and playground, in addition to the configuration of outdoor sound column equipment, it also has a wireless microphone configuration. When hosting a large-scale event, the leader or moderator can directly use the wireless microphone to speak to the entire event venue. The wireless amplifier is used as an enhanced signal to perfectly avoid frequency loss and mixing interference in single-channel or multi-channel speech.



In order to improve the safety of teachers and students in school and prevent the occurrence of various types of emergencies, an emergency handling linkage center has been set up, which can promptly broadcast and fire linkage. And install a large number of paging intercom terminal GP-1056A in the whole school, support LAN and WAN, and can communicate with the main control room or sub-control room. In case of emergency emergencies, it can promptly call for help and alarm, immediately start the alarm mode of the main control room, have the authority distribution function, realize the hierarchical intercom and alarm, promptly notify the campus security personnel to handle, reduce and avoid dangerous events. Occurs to ensure the safety of teachers and students and create a safe and harmonious campus environment.



4. Customer Feedback

1. The whole set of broadcasting system is safe and stable, with rich and varied functions, intelligent and convenient, and simple maintenance.

2. The sound reinforcement box has good sound quality, clear sound and fast and stable transmission.

3. Fully meet the daily up and down ringtones, eye exercises music, radio calls, emergency notifications, fire linkage, etc., and can also carry out multimedia teaching functions.