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JUSBE successfully built the multi-functional lecture hall of Wuying Lvying Primary School in Wuhu C

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Anhui Wuhu Lvying Primary School was founded in 1991 and covers an area of about 15 acres. The school is famous for its "rule of law, standard school, strict management, work in place, and hard implementation of quality education", and has been repeatedly awarded by the national, provincial and municipal education administrations. The school has been named as "National Modern Educational Technology Experimental School", "National School of Law School Model", "Anhui Experimental School", "Wuhu City Youth Science and Technology Demonstration School" and other honorable titles.

1. Project Background

In order to enhance and optimize the school's hardware and software facilities and enrich the campus cultural activities, it is necessary to build a multi-purpose lecture hall with small program performances, school lectures, academic exchanges, work reports, etc. Green Shadow Primary School chose JUSBE to become a project cooperation.

2.Project Requirements

According to the sound reinforcement environment and functional requirements in the field, JUSBE has designed a scientific and reasonable, practical and stable sound reinforcement system solution for the selection, matching and installation layout of the sound reinforcement equipment of the hall. It not only meets the sound reinforcement requirements of the conference, but also satisfies the acoustic effects required for the show performance.

 After field on-site inspection and comprehensive analysis, the stage area of the hall selected double 15-inch high-power two-way structure speaker as the main expansion speaker. This speaker has large dynamic, high sound reproduction and convenient installation. At the front of the stage, a passive subwoofer and a coaxial back-receiver are adopted, which can effectively improve the sound clarity, fullness and consistency of the sound in the front of the stage. The four F-series multi-function speakers installed in the hall are used as auxiliary speakers for the auditorium. The angles are flexible and adjustable, so that the corners and rear areas of the auditorium area can have sufficient loudness and uniformity. The combination of the main and auxiliary sound reinforcement ensures that the sound reinforcement effect in the entire hall is in an optimal state.

The suitable power amplifier matched on the scene of the hall can enhance the maximum effect of the speaker equipment and improve the safety and stability of the system. The addition of the audio processor can prevent the howling of the local language environment, balance, modify, and faithfully restore the sound.

3. Customer Feedback

1. The whole system design is scientific and reasonable, with rich functions, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

2. The sound quality is fine and full, the definition is good, and the sound reinforcement range is evenly covered. Whether it is a conference or a stage performance, the effect on the scene is very good.