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2.4G wireless Combined amplifier
XF-E500 (2.4G version)
  • The original “educational red” personalized design;


1. The original “educational red” personalized design;

2, has four sets of output interfaces, can connect four 6-8Ω speakers;

3, three-way microphone jack (front 2, 1, environmental microphone jack, the same brand of wired microphones do not need batteries);

4, four-channel audio input, with input selection switch button, boot preset "channel 1";

5, dual channel signal indicator;

6, with RS232 control interface;

7, built-in 2.4G wireless module (multiple frequency points, thousands of sets of frequency), standard external magnetic antenna to ensure signal strength;

8, can achieve microphone volume, high and low sound independent control and reverberation adjustment, the line can be adjusted independently of volume and high and low sound;

9, with digital display screen;

10, rack-mounted chassis, the main function keys use hidden design, effectively avoid misuse, can effectively extend the life of the sound reinforcement system;

11, full Chinese interface, easy for domestic users to use;

12. Application: The amplification of multimedia classrooms, small conference rooms and other places.


1. Rated power: 2×80W/8Ω;

2, the maximum power: 2 × 160W / 8Ω;

3, frequency response: line input 20Hz-20KHz, microphone 60Hz-14KHz;

4, line tone control: treble 10KHz ± 12dB, bass 100Hz ± 12dB;

5, microphone tone control: treble 10KHz ± 12dB, bass 100Hz ± 12dB;

6, rated input level: microphone 15mV (unbalanced), line 200mV;

7, rated output level: line 0.775V;

8, distortion: ≤ 0.5%;

9, signal to noise ratio: ≥ 80dB (A weighting);

10, the main fuse: 3A;

11, power: AC 220V ± 10% / 50Hz;

12, material and surface treatment: aluminum alloy sandblasting;

13, body size: 480 × 300 × 75 (unit: mm);

14, net weight: 5.7kg.