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Distributed digital conference host
  • Use the latest eight-core computing chip to ensure stable and reliable collection and transmission of network transmission signals


1. Use the latest eight-core computing chip to ensure stable and reliable collection and transmission of network transmission signals;

2. Digital audio and video transmission technology, simultaneously transmitting and receiving multi-channel audio signals through an ordinary network cable;

3, using time-division transmission technology, a conference system supports up to 65,000 network conference units;

4, using partition sharing technology, a conference host supports 3-4 conference rooms, independent sound output, do not interfere with each other;

5. Clock synchronization is implemented by using a clock protocol to improve the timing synchronization capability between devices, and to provide low-latency transmission of audio and video signals;

6, using high-fidelity enthusiast digital audio processing chip, support 128 kHz and 48 kHz audio sampling frequency;

7, with a large-screen LCD display, with a set button, you can set the host's various functions;

8. Setting of multiple speaking modes: application waiting mode, restricted speaking mode, first in first out mode, etc.;

9. Support sign-in and voting functions.

10, VIP priority microphone can be set, not controlled by the chairman machine;

11. Using intelligent neural network algorithm technology to prevent the host from crashing due to multiple units being turned on at the same time;

12, using multi-network backup technology, when a single network cable fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the host, or you can switch to the backup system to ensure normal use in important conferences;

13. Adopting uncompressed audio transmission algorithm to provide CD-level sound quality with 48K sampling rate;

14, built-in DSP processor: 12-point feedback suppression algorithm, echo cancellation, multi-channel mixing, multi-channel volume adjustment and other digital processing modules, while supporting 3-4 channels of audio independent output;

15, support PC software management settings, multi-interface RS-232, RS485, TCP / IP;

16. Support general PELCO-D, VISCA, SAMSUNG, KT-NET multiple camera control protocols;

17, support camera positioning tracking function, maximum support for 32 conference camera control;

18, built-in new AI monitoring module, real-time monitoring: working status, working temperature, with abnormal status reporting function.


1. Transmission protocol: HD-Sound;

2. Network protocol: Zeroconf protocol;

3. Synchronous clock: IEEE1588 precision clock protocol;

4. Transmission mode: unicast or multicast;

5. Audio transmission: 1-1024 channels;

6.POE protocol: IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at; 7. Transmission interface: TCP/IP interface;

8. Audio output: Impedance: 100Ω, unbalanced level: -60 dB;

9. Frequency response: 60-12 kHz;

10. Signal to noise ratio (S/N): > 80dB;

11. Harmonic distortion: < 0.5%;

12. Over-carrier distortion: <1%;

13. Crosstalk attenuation (1kHz): >50dB;

14. Minimum power consumption: 15W Maximum power: 40W

15. Weight: 2.1kg

16. Color: dark gray

17. External dimensions: (H × L × W) 45x430x275mm;

18. Power: AC100-240V.