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Digital conference Delegate unit
  • The representative unit adopts the latest six-core chip to ensure stable and reliable collection and transmission of network transmission signals


1. The representative unit adopts the latest six-core chip to ensure stable and reliable collection and transmission of network transmission signals;

2. Digital audio and video transmission technology, simultaneously transmitting and receiving multi-channel audio signals through an ordinary network cable;

3. Adopting time-division transmission technology to solve the crosstalk between the units, causing crosstalk, noise, frequency loss, and crash;

4, using a color LCD screen, you can display the speech status, voting status, clock, unit IP address;

5. Support POE switch to directly supply power, and the conference unit is connected to the switch by standard network cable. The system is simple and flexible.

6, all conference units use a star structure, any unit failure will not affect the use of other units

7, using partition sharing technology, a conference host supports 3-4 conference rooms, independent sound output, do not interfere with each other;

8, built-in microphone volume adjustment, easy to grasp the voice;

9. Adopt two-way feedback technology to improve system security and stability;

10. Adopt intelligent neural network algorithm technology to prevent the host from crashing due to the simultaneous startup of multiple units;

11. The clock protocol is used for clock synchronization to improve the timing synchronization capability and provide low-latency transmission of audio and video signals;

12, using uncompressed audio transmission, 48K sampling rate, providing clear and perfect CD-quality sound quality.

13. With anti-cell phone interference function, the microphone has automatic gain, and the sensitivity is automatically adjusted to prevent howling.


1. Transmission protocol: HD-Sound;

2. Network protocol: Zeroconf protocol;

3. Synchronous clock: IEEE1588 precision clock protocol;

4. Transmission mode: unicast or multicast;

5. Audio transmission: 1-1024 channels;

6.POE protocol: IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at;

7. Transmission interface: TCP/IP interface;

8. Control identification: ID address 001-999, system setting;

9. Working power: provided by the POE switch;

10. Maximum power consumption: 3W to open the microphone maximum; 11. Encoding method: mixed coding;

12. Microphone type: high directivity pole directivity

13. Pickup distance: 50--80CM

14. Pointing angle: 30 degrees;

15. Signal to noise ratio (S/N): > 80dB;

16. Crosstalk attenuation: > 80dB;

17. Misrecognition: < 0.10%;

18. Frequency response: 60-12 kHz;

19. Equivalent noise: ≈20dB SPL

20. Maximum SPL: 105dB (3% threshold);

21. Sensitivity: -22dBv/Pa;

22. Dimensions (mm): 247L x 155W x 60H;

23. Weight: 0.3kg