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Wireless Chairman unit
  • Built-in high-fidelity double-capacitor heads before and after


1. Built-in high-fidelity double-capacitor heads before and after, so that the sound is restored, the definition is high, and the noise is small;

2, array type 20CM microphone length, width 28CM, copper metal fastening loop interface, better contact;

3, efficient howling suppression function, super adaptive effect, effective pickup distance up to 60CM (depending on environmental changes), it is recommended that the pickup distance is less than 35CM;

4. When the microphone is turned on, the red working indicator of the head is illuminated, and the chairman unit gives priority to the floor switch, and all the representative units can be closed at any time;

5, high-definition display LCD display, real-time display of microphone on / off, power and signal strength and other information;

6, install 3 sections of 1.5V, 5th alkaline battery, battery capacity support for about 6 hours to speak.


1. Carrier frequency band: UHF640MKz-690MHz;

2. Oscillation mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesis;

3. Harmonic radiation: <-65dBm;

4, the frequency bandwidth: 30MHz;

5, the maximum offset: ± 45KHz;

6, sensor: capacitive, unidirectional / super-directional;

7, RF power output: 15mW;

8, battery: 3 1.5V 5th battery;

9, current consumption: <200mA;

10. Continuous working time: about 6 hours;

11, size (mm): 186 * 135 * 53MM;

12. Weight: 750g.