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Wireless Delegate unit
  • Built-in high-fidelity double-capacitor heads before and after


1. Built-in high-fidelity double-capacitor heads before and after, so that the sound is restored, the definition is high, and the noise is small;

2, array type 20CM microphone length, width 28CM, copper metal fastening loop interface, better contact;

3, efficient howling suppression function, super adaptive effect, effective pickup distance up to 60CM (depending on environmental changes), it is recommended that the pickup distance is less than 35CM;

4. When the microphone is turned on, the red working indicator of the head is illuminated;

5, high-definition display LCD display, real-time display of microphone on / off, power and signal strength and other information;

6, install 3 sections of 1.5V, 5th alkaline battery, battery capacity support for about 6 hours to speak.


1. Carrier frequency band: UHF640MKz-690MHz;

2. Oscillation mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesis;

3. Harmonic radiation: <-65dBm;

4, the frequency bandwidth: 30MHz;

5, the maximum offset: ± 45KHz;

6, sensor: capacitive, unidirectional / super-directional;

7, RF power output: 15mW;

8, battery: 3 1.5V 5th battery;

9, current consumption: <200mA;

10. Continuous working time: about 6 hours;

11, size (mm): 186 * 135 * 53MM;

12. Weight: 750g.