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Antenna amplifier
  • This is a comprehensive coverage UHF antenna splitter.


1. This is a comprehensive coverage UHF antenna splitter. Its transmission signal is transmitted from one transmitting antenna to multiple receivers. It is a multi-channel system;

2. The effective distance of the open environment can reach 200-400 meters (depending on the environment);

3. The RF signal can be quickly released to the receiver;

4. Establish a DC distributor to supply four DC 12V power supplies to the receiver;

5. Four wireless receiver backplanes can be provided separately.


1. Support online self-test, can automatically detect whether the working status of each voter is normal, and whether the battery power is sufficient;

2. Support dynamic display of voting progress, prompting that no button represents the name or agent number, so that the chairman can urge the button;

3. The voting may be conducted in the order of the set motions, or the motion may be freely selected for voting;

4, support Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other standard file formats to import external data;

5, can set the vote for the first time the button is valid / the last button is valid;

6, support countdown voting, voting process voice prompts and other auxiliary functions;

7, support single-screen, multi-screen site projection display mode, can be freely matched according to the needs of the venue;

8, with the sign-on personnel information instant display, patch, sign and other functions;

9, with projection data editing function, can intuitively modify the base map, text, support for scrolling display.