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Intelligent AV Management Control Center
  • Integrate front and rear stage power amplifiers


1. Integrate front and rear stage power amplifiers, 8-channel mixers, audio and video matrix functions, and realize 8-way discussion type conference system;

2. The AV management center has 200W×2 (8Ω) output power.

3, 8 mic input and 2 stereo (line) input mixing;

4, 4 × 2 AV matrix, 2 × 2 VGA matrix;

5, 8 channels of microphone can be set to open preferentially, to achieve the answer function.

6. The line input is separated from the REC (recording) bus to avoid oscillations caused by its own signal.

7. It can be used in the central control connection of any environment. It controls the VGA video and the input of the audio input channel through the central control device to realize the integrated operation function.

8, application: widely used in court trials, live television, small and medium-sized conference rooms and other sound reinforcement venues.