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Conference system host


1. The digital control and sound signal of the main control unit and the conference system are connected by the same cable (eight cores);

2, can operate independently or external computer combined with software synchronization linkage operation, to achieve a variety of conference management functions (meeting mode or operation: designated speech, free speech, application for speech and FIFO speech, etc.);

3. The following conference functions can be realized in a single machine: open conference, restricted speaking, first in, first out;

4, the system has a better sound quality sound channel effect;

5, with three conference management modes:

   Open mode (Free)

   First in, first out (FIFO)

   Limit speech (LIMIT)

6, can choose to speak at the same time the number of microphones 1-9 (inclusive) or full open speech;

7. The external video central processor can realize the function of speaker positioning and tracking;

8, the panel has LCD liquid crystal display, 122x32 dot matrix display conference mode.

9. The panel has function keys and knobs for system setting and adjustment;

10, with a set of audio signal input terminals, can be connected to a CD player and other audio source input devices;

11. It has a set of MIC input terminals, which can be used to connect the MIC and wireless MIC signals.

12, with 3 sets of audio signal output terminals, can be connected to external recording or audio equipment;

13, can be placed horizontally on the countertop or installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet;

14. This system can be connected to the automatic tracking video system and voting system.


1, frequency response: 40HZ ~ 16KHZ;

2, total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1%

3, built-in 1.5W monitor speakers, with volume adjustment

4, power consumption: 415W,

5, using 220V-240V ~ 50Hz-60Hz AC power supply

6, the net weight of the host: 11.8kg

7, dimensions: 485mm (including the handle) × 100mm (2U, including the chassis pad) × 355mm (W × H × D);