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Chairman unit - with electronic table


1. Adopt new numerical control design;

2, large LCD display;

3, can speak and listen;

4, with video tracking function;

5. The unit is powered by the system host, and the input voltage is DC24V, which is a safe range;

6, the unit has 8P-DIN socket for system "T" type connection

7, a wraparound condenser microphone with a replaceable windshield;

8, the microphone rod has a lengthy type to choose from, the standard meter pole length: 390mm, reference speaking distance: 15CM-50CM;

9. The chairman unit in the system is not restricted by the restricted function and can be placed anywhere in the loop;

10. The number of chairman units in the system can only be one and the placement position is not limited;

11, has a set of headphone output jacks and a set of wireless MIC inputs (optional);

12. It has the priority function of forcibly cutting off the speaking of the microphone of the attending unit and the prompt sound of the chairman priority, and is not forcibly cut off by other chairman units.

5, with the chairman's proprietary mode


1, frequency response: 40HZ ~ 16KHZ;

2, total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1%

3, built-in 1.5W monitor speakers, with volume adjustment

4, power consumption: 415W,

5, using 220V-240V ~ 50Hz-60Hz AC power supply

6, the net weight of the host: 11.8kg

7, dimensions: 485mm (including the handle) × 100mm (2U, including the chassis pad) × 355mm (W × H × D);