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Delegate unit- with electronic table



1, the display: 7" TFT 16:9

2, resolution: 800 * 480

3, color: 262K

4, product size: 200x110x20mm

5, support interface: Class A USB interface

6, the table card uses TFT digital true color highlight screen, the display content is clear, the color is bright;

7. It can display the names, positions, photos, monograms, trademarks, patterns and other information of the participants, and the display content is rich;

8. The supporting software can edit the color, language, font, word count, background and size of the displayed content arbitrarily;

9, can import content through the USB interface, the import speed is fast;

10, matching high-quality high-efficiency large-capacity lithium battery, stable performance, extended use and standby time.