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Digital arrester


1. High-grade aluminum 2U black brushed panel, beautiful and generous;

2.4 groups of independent input and output channels;

3. Each group of channels input voltage 70-100V, current 20A;

4. Automatically cut off the output when lightning strikes;

5. Automatically introduce lightning into the earth, with overvoltage protection and leakage protection;


1. Number of control channels: four groups (CH1 ~ CH4), which can be arbitrarily selected;

2. Input capacity: 70/100V, 20A per channel, audio signal;

3. Output capacity: 70/100V, 20A per channel, audio signal;

4. Lightning protection level: meet the protection level of IEC529/EN60 529: IP20;

5. Overvoltage protection threshold voltage: 165 ~ 300V (peak);

6. Rated discharge inrush current: Iimp (8/20) us current peak: 30KA;

7. Leakage protection current: ≤10mA;

8. Insulation resistance: ≥10MΩ;

9. Alarm activation output level: (0V) short circuit signal (ACTIVE OUT);

10. Function control: one power supply key, one online control interface, one short circuit power activation port, one device address setting switch (2 digits);

11. Indicator Power: ‘POWER’, operation: ‘RUN’, fault protection: ‘PROTECT’;

12. Protection: AC FUSE (0.5A) × 1;

13. Power cord: (3 × 0.75 mm2) × 1.5M (standard);

14. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz;

15. Power consumption: 20~25W;

16. Machine size: 89 (H) × 483 (W) × 350 (D) mm;

17. Net weight: 7.9Kg;