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Sixteen partition pager


1. High-grade aluminum 2U black brushed panel, beautiful and generous;

2, with 16 partition paging alarm function;

3, 1 channel microphone input, 4 remote microphone input, 1 line, 1 emergency input;

4. The remote audio/control signal adopts high quality balanced transmission technology;

5. LED status indication of each paging channel;

6, built-in bell sound generator, with silent function;

7, 25-pin computer activation interface, low-level alarm activation output;

8. Manual paging function can be performed through the buttons on the panel;

9, MIC volume adjustment, output volume can be adjusted;


1. Microphone input (MIC): MIC: 600 ohms (Ω) 5mV, unbalanced;

2. Line input (LINE): 10k ohms (Ω) 200mV, unbalanced;

3, line output: 10k ohms (Ω) 0.775V (0 dB), unbalanced;

4. Frequency response: 60 Hz ~ 15k Hz (± 3 dB);

5, nonlinear distortion: THD<0.01% at 1kHz;

6. Signal to noise ratio S/N: >70 dB;

7. Alarm activation input port: a group of 'ALARM IN (CH1 ~ CH16)';

8. Alarm activation output port: a group of ‘SWITCHING OUT (CH1 ~ CH16);

9, alarm activation: low level activation (0V);

10. Level selection: Select ‘HIGH’/‘LOW’ by the ACTIVE LEVEL setting switch;

11. Silence suppression capability: When EMC input, the MIC and LINE signals are attenuated by 0~30 dB;

12, power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz;

13, power consumption: 10 ~ 15W;

14, machine size: 89 (H) × 483 (W) × 350 (D) mm;

15. Net weight: 6.32kg;