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RDS Digital Emergency Broadcasting Platform Management Software


1. The platform adopts BS architecture, network design, and reserves the interface of the upper platform.

2. The platform supports multiple users to log in at the same time, and users of different levels manage the terminals in the jurisdiction within the authorized limits.

3. The platform supports multiple network integrated management functions such as IP and RDS, and the same platform manages terminals of different receiving modules.

4. With the terminal device address, name, contact and other information for registration and deletion, non-registered terminals cannot access the platform.

5. The platform supports the whole area, partition, single point real-time broadcast audio file and graphic information function.

6. The platform supports remote setting of volume, power on/off, logical address, wake-up and other functions for the terminal.

7. The platform supports remote telephone, SMS emergency broadcast, and the telephone or SMS source is sent to the terminal through the platform.

8. The platform supports record storage such as login time, IP address, exit time, phone, SMS, and published content, and supports the above content query.

9. The platform supports the process broadcast function, and the terminal is scheduled to broadcast, and the system automatically executes the set broadcast process to achieve unattended operation.

10. The platform supports the map function. It can use the icon to edit and locate the address where the device is installed. The icon on the map displays the online and offline functions of the device.

11. The platform supports local server, remote, etc. to import media library source; supports real-time input of analog audio source, digitizes analog audio source in real time, and realizes arbitrary multi-channel real-time broadcast.

12. The platform supports converting traditional audio resources into digital program storage into the program library of the system server, which is convenient for the user to use and use at the same time, and can be continuously played without repeated play.

13. All software modules are integrated in the same platform interface for easy use;