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Frequency modulation modulator



1. Using digital frequency synthesis technology, the carrier frequency PLL is synchronously phase-locked and never runs.

2. The frequency can be preset and memorized.

3. High-brightness digital tube synchronous display output frequency.

4. Stereo modulation function.

5. Support SCA and RDS coding, subcarrier multiplex modulation.

6. One line input.

7. Built-in monitor speaker, the monitor volume is adjustable.

8. With RDS data input interface.

9. Key frequency adjustment, easy to operate.

10. Output level adjustment function.

11. Support AC / battery power supply mode, and can be seamlessly switched, the battery has undervoltage protection.

12. According to the requirements of lightning protection regulations, the equipment is protected, with excessive current protection and spare fuses.

Can be customized according to actual needs.