Guangzhou Jusbe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

FM transmitter


1. Advanced RDS FM technology.

2. With over input excitation, over current, over voltage, high temperature, over power, over standing wave ratio protection.

3. The panel has power, frequency and other adjustment functions.


1. Nominal emission power: 15W

2. Frequency range: 76-108MHz.

3. Carrier frequency tolerance: ≤ ± 500Hz

4. Audio pre-emphasis: 50us

5. Parasitic amplitude modulation noise: >50Db

6. Audio input impedance: (600Ω balanced input) (1 KΩ unbalanced input)

7. Frequency response: 1dB (50Hz-15KHz)

8. Harmonic distortion: ≤0.5% (at 75KHz frequency offset), ≤1% (100KHz frequency offset)

9. Signal to noise ratio: ≥65dB (1KHz, 75KHz frequency offset)

10. Parasitic output: ≤-50dB

11. Rated frequency deviation: ±75KHz

12. Maximum modulation capacity: ±100KHz

13. Working voltage: AC 220±25%