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1. Outdoor rainproof design.

2. Support platform to local map positioning function.

3. Support platform and code controller for local partitioning, grouping, and fixed-point broadcasting.

4. It has RDS flow control instructions and safety instructions and audio functions issued by the receiving platform and the encoding controller.

5. It has the support platform and coding controller to set and query the parameters of the local frequency, volume, switch machine, logical address, battery power, etc. (Query the backhaul module).

6. It has the function of automatically recognizing the priority level of the upper source of the machine, and can set the priority level of the upper source.

7. The switch status and volume level support the power-off memory function, and the program is not lost when the power is turned off.

8. With a volume adjustment knob.

9. Built-in 50W high efficiency power amplifier.

10. With 2 independent 25W power output interfaces.


1. Operating frequency range: 76--108MHz

2. Rated input level: 45--75dBu

3. Noise limit sensitivity: ≥7uv

4. Receiving sensitivity: ≤3uv

5. Output impedance: 8Ω

6. Output power: 50 W

7. Lightning strike response time: 0.1ns

8. Frequency response: 60Hz--20KHz

9. Working voltage: AC220V±30% 50Hz±10Hz

10. Input 1: Wired (RF interface F metric) Wireless (soft antenna)