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Turn-over controller


1. Standard 19" rack cabinet design.

2. With Chinese color display, easy to operate.

3. Has the function of adjusting the volume of the control

4. With standard 6.35 microphone input interface

5. With RCA lotus socket line input and output interface

6. Has a 232 serial port.

7. Has a USB interface.

8. Has RDS input and output interface.

9. With 220V/1500W controlled power output interface.

10. Has a dynamic display of the local broadcast status through the LCD screen.

11. Has the RDS communication signal displayed by the indicator light.

12. It has the status of displaying the current date and time of the device, the RDS receiving main frequency, the RDS receiving sub-frequency, the volume, the sound source, etc. through the liquid crystal display.

13. It has the functions of setting the local fixed ID, local addressing ID, local level, RDS receiving frequency and so on.

14. Has the ability to set the superior priority level.

15. With RDS flow control command and safety command and audio function delivered by the receiving platform, RDS has multi-frequency priority function.

16. It has the support platform to set and query the parameters of the local frequency, volume, switch machine, logical address and so on.

17. It has the function of automatically recognizing the priority level of the upper source of the machine, and can set the priority level of the upper source.

18. Has a local software program upgrade function.

19. With 220V controlled power output function.