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FM amplifier


1.2U standard chassis design, luxury, high-end 2U aluminum alloy panel.

2. User-friendly design, beautiful and practical.

3. With USB interface, with U disk MP3 player.

4. Independently adjust the volume knob of each channel.

5. Support platform to local map positioning function.

6. Support platform and code controller for local partitioning, grouping, and fixed-point broadcasting.

7. With RDS flow control command and safety command and audio function issued by the receiving platform and the code controller, RDS supports multi-frequency priority function.

8. With 70V and 100V and 4-16Ω output.

9. Adopt the most advanced transformer design in the industry to better protect against overload and safety.

10. Adopt imported power tube, strong output power; wide frequency band, low noise, high fidelity.

11. The switch state and volume level support the power-off memory function, and the program is not lost when the power is turned off.

12. Humanized indication function--Multi-unit LED working status display, easy to observe the working condition of the machine.

13. With output short circuit, overload protection and alarm, overheat alarm and saturation distortion alarm.

14. With cooling fan hot start function.

The 15.1 way microphone has a priority strong cut function.

16.2 line input, 2 mic input, 1 auxiliary output.


1. Amplitude-frequency characteristics: ±2 0db (60~18kHz)

2. Output power: 360W

3. Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.5%

4. Wideband signal to noise ratio: ≥81db

5. Weighted signal to noise ratio: ≥86db