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Active Linear array speaker
  • Active line array subwoofer system, using built-in DSP digital processor


1. Active line array subwoofer system, using built-in DSP digital processor, 2 channel power amplifier to drive 4 L828 full-frequency line array speakers, forming a high-precision linear array speaker system, which can truly restore the spectrum signal within the specified range;

2. The hanging system adopts the latest ergonomics and mechanical design to make the whole system quick and safe to install;

3. The box body is made of multi-layer composite splint and specially sprayed;

4. Applicable venues: sports venues, small and medium-sized performance systems, theaters, concert halls, performing arts centers, conference centers.


1. Working range: AC 100V-240V, 50/60HZ with PFC;

2, signal input: 2 * XLR, you can choose MONO;

3. Signal output: 2*Spaeakon;

4, signal processing: 2 in 3 out, 48KHZ resolution. Built-in 6-band parametric equalization, pressure limit, delay, frequency division, high and low cut, phase and other functions;

5. Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.2%;

6, signal to noise ratio: ≥ 110dB (A weighting)

7, power output: 2 × 600W / 8Ω, 2 × 900W / 4Ω;

8, frequency response: 40Hz-500Hz (±3dB);

9, sensitivity: 90dB;

10, rated power: 800W,

11, peak power: 2000W;

12, the maximum sound pressure level: 123dB MAX;

13, system type: double 12-inch low speaker;

14, the woofer: 12-inch bass × 2;

15. Hanging hardware: professional line array hanging;

16, color: standard black, can be customized according to requirements;

17. Box size: 410H×650W×560D (unit: mm);

18, net weight: 42kg / piece

19. Packing size: 775*660*550 (unit: mm);

20, gross weight: 45kg;