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DSP echo audio processor
  • This product is applied to the dedicated noise canceling module of the recording system. 


1. This product is applied to the dedicated noise canceling module of the recording system. It adopts AI artificial intelligence intelligent voice and noise separation algorithm. It does not need to be debugged or set up during use. It does not need preset noise gate and lossless voice.

2, using the automatic gain (AGC) algorithm, regardless of the speaker far from the microphone, can achieve a good recording effect;

3. The recording system produced by this module can be applied to education, trial, on-site interview, DV or DC camera simultaneous recording, security voice monitoring and other places;

2, using a common condenser microphone, the recording distance increased to more than 6 meters;

3, automatic gain, no matter the distance of the speaker can achieve a good and clear recording effect;

4, the interface does not need to be set, the later maintenance is simple;

5. Dodge function: When the INPUT A/B input is a music signal or a wireless MIC signal, the sound will be amplified by OUTPUT1. At this time, INPUT1 takes precedence, while the MIC (recording microphone) will reduce the 45dB sound gain, and the INPUT The input signal realizes the effect of fading in and out, so that the recording has no interference;

Note: To achieve this function, the input signal of INPUT1 needs to be equal to the input signal of MIC. If the effect is not obvious, please turn the INPUT volume control knob to increase the volume;

6. BYPASS controls the dodge function. The left side is off dodge and the right side is on dodging.


1. The main chip TI TMS320C6745 floating point DSP chip;

2. Sampling rate: 48K 24bit;

3. Improve the signal to noise ratio: 15dB;

4, box signal to noise ratio: > 83dB;

5, channel isolation: > 80dB;

6, normal use temperature range: -20 ° C - 85 ° C;

7, automatic gain: -12dB--+12dB;

8, input interface: 4 three-core terminal;

9. Audio output terminal: four linear outputs (3 three-pin terminals, one 3.5 jack);

10, the volume adjustment: -20dB ~ +20dB;

11, frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz;

12, the output voltage: 16V 15V 9V AC ± 5%;

13, the output current: ≤ 300mA;

14, phantom power: 36V;

15, the maximum output signal amplitude: 2.0Vpp;

16. Requires input signal to noise ratio: SNR > 0 db;

17, the total system delay <3ms;

18, total harmonic distortion < 0.2%;

19. Pickup cable: 3-core 0.5mm2 RVVP with shielded microphone cable;

20, audio output cable: long distance: 3 core 0.5mm2 RVVP;

21, power input voltage: AC power AC200V ~ 250V / AC power AC16V, 15V 9V;

22, color: black;

23, shell material: steel chassis;

24, external dimensions: length 186mm × width 78mm × height 38mm.