Guangzhou Jusbe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

LED Blackboard Lighting


1. The product is superior to the national school education lighting standard;

2. Polarized blackboard light, polarized lens plus anti-glare baffle;

3. High PF no stroboscopic, high index, non-dimming (customizable thyristor or 0-10V or Dali dimming);

4. The product stroboscopic flash is harmless (light output fluctuation depth<1%);

5. The product meets the requirements of human visual comfort and ensures the comfort of the light environment;

6. High index finger (Ra>92), restore true color and protect vision development;

7. Excellent illumination, the product is more energy-efficient and the operating cost is low under the same illumination;

8. The life of the whole lamp is up to 5 years;

9. Support ceiling installation, sling installation, boom installation, adjustable angle boom installation.


1, power: 36W ± 5%;

2. Efficiency factor: >0.95;

3. Fluctuation depth:<0.5%;

4, color temperature: 5000K ± 250K;

5, color rendering index: Ra> 90; R9> 60; color tolerance:

6, input voltage: AC165-265 V 50/60Hz;

7, circuit protection: short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, anti-surge, over temperature protection;

8, working environment: working temperature -20 ~ 40 ° C, working humidity: 10% -90% RH;

9, size: 1009 × 100 × 58mm.