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IP network mixer


1. With dual port hub (HUB), it can directly access local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), can play network audio, and can access and control servers and other IP network devices;

2. Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status display;

3. Four-channel mono input, four-channel stereo input, two-way output, with digital reverb effect;

4. With input and output mute control (with mute indicator), the user can conveniently use the mute switch to control the corresponding signal input and output after adjusting the volume, no need to use the fader to control the input and output;

5. Strong cut function, you can use the strong cut signal to open all terminal equipment, easy to insert emergency broadcast;

6. Comes with high-fidelity MP3 player, can play MP3.WMA.OGG and other audio format files with 384KB/S code rate. The music in the SD card can be converted into a network data stream and transmitted to other terminal devices;

7. With offline operation, it can be directly connected to the network for use, paging and intercom without server support, extremely convenient and simple to use;

8. With program programming timing play function, you can program and play MP3 songs in SD card;

9. The songs of the timer program can be mixed with other inputs of the mixer (such as microphones, computer sources, etc.) and input to the network simultaneously. The invention solves the problem that the digital digital system can not mix with the analog signal such as the microphone when the digital digital system broadcasts the program;

10. Full-featured two-way intercom, which can directly page and intercommunicate various types of terminal equipment;

11.6 group paging and full-open all-close shortcut keys, convenient for users to perform fast group paging;

12. Support multi-party calls during intercom;

13. High-fidelity recording function, the microphone and line input signals can be recorded in high quality, and the recording files are stored in the SD card, which can be played at any time;

14. When searching for paging and intercom objects, support the number. English. Chinese name spelling query, the operation is extremely simple;

15. High-fidelity sound quality, capable of high-demand occasions for intercom quality;

16. With 0 to 9 number keys, users can enter the terminal number or group number numerically.


1. Network interface: standard RJ45 (2), 10M/100M network port;

2. Supporting protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, FTP, ICMP, ARP, support cross-gateway cross-route configuration, with offline function;

3. Audio format: MP3, WAV, OGG, PCM, ADPCM;

4. Sampling bit rate: intercom 24K, paging 87K;

5. Storage: TF card (MICRO SD), standard 2G;

6. Recording time: microphone and line recording, file stored in SD card, 120 hours (2G);

7. Audio interface: 4 channels of mono input, 4 channels of stereo input, 1 channel of emergency input, 1 channel of USB input, 2 channels of line output, 1 channel of timing output;

8. Network delay: file playback is less than 50ms, paging broadcast is less than 5ms, two-way intercom is less than 10ms, with automatic cache function;

9. Power failure and network restart recovery time: less than 1 second;

10. Recording level: 250mV line, 10mV microphone, adjustable recording level;

11. Transmission rate: 10/100Mbps;

12. Audio mode: network data packet, CD sound quality;

13. Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 16KHz;

14. Harmonic distortion: ≤0.3%;

15. Signal to noise ratio: >75dB;

16. Line input level and interface: 250mV, RCA;

17. Built-in speaker output impedance and power: 8Ω, 1W;

18. Line output level and interface: 775mV, RCA;

19. Line output impedance: 1KΩ;

20. MIC microphone input sensitivity: 10mV;

21. Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C;

22. Working humidity: 10% to 90%;

23. Power consumption: ≤20W;

24. Input power: AC220V/50Hz;

25. Machine size (L × W × H): 433 × 400 × 120mm;

26. Package size: (1PCS, L × W × H,): 545 × 540 × 280mm;

27. Net weight: 6.9Kg.