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System management software
  • System management software is an important part of the IP network audio broadcasting system. 


System management software is an important part of the IP network audio broadcasting system. It can be installed in any computer in the network to configure the device configuration, channel configuration, task configuration, program library management, and user management for the entire IP network broadcasting system. , rights management, terminal device status query, and control operations on terminal devices.

1. It has the real-time monitoring and query management function of the system terminal equipment status.

2. It has centralized configuration management functions for terminals and peripherals.

3. With channel song configuration management.

4. With server timing task editing management.

5. With terminal local timing task editing management function.

6. With terminal SD program file download management function.

7. With instant broadcast control management function, it can directly play local computer songs.

8. With channel broadcast control management function.

9. With text text to voice broadcast function.

10. With paging broadcast function.

11. With device control management.

12. With media resource program library management.

13. With server and device timing function.

14. With program production and file upload and download management functions.

15. With system user and authority allocation management.

16. SDK software development kit is available.

17. With LED screen text information release function.

18. With video file playback management.

19. Powerful one-click deployment function, you can directly scan any terminal device in the network on the software, you can directly modify the device IP address and name, no need to set any settings to the device installation location, easy to operate, save time and effort .