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Broadcast Power Amplifier with 6 Zone MP3/FM
  • The ideal choice for cost-effective small PA system


1. The ideal choice for cost-effective small PA system;

2. Built-in MP3 decoding player and FM radio player, can switch between playback modes freely, support U disk and SD card to store songs, and change songs conveniently.

3. With 6 channels to select output, with bell prompt, treble/bass control, total volume and independent volume control;

4. There are 3 channels of microphone input, 2 lines of input, and 1 auxiliary output;

5. Microphone 1 is set to the highest priority function, automatically suppressing other input signals;

6. The equipment is equipped with abnormal working protection warning function. When the input signal is too large. The load is too heavy. If the temperature is too high. When the line circuit, the corresponding indicator light indicates that it has extremely high reliability.


1. Rated output power: 500W;

2. Output mode: fixed resistance 4-16Ω, constant voltage 70V, 100V;

3. Line output: 600Ω/1V (0dB);

4. Input: MIC1.2.3 /600Ω, 2.0mV (-54dB), unbalanced; AUX1.2.3 /10kΩ, 250mV (-10dB), unbalanced;

5. Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz;

6. Harmonic distortion:<0.1% 1kHz;

7. Signal to noise ratio: MIC1.2.3: 66dB, AUX1.2: 70dB;

8. Tone adjustment: Bass ± 10dB at 100Hz, Treble: ± 10db at 10kHz;

9. Protection: power on protection, over voltage protection, DC protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection;

10. Mute: MIC1, ringtone, alarm sound;

11. Voltage: AC220V/50Hz~60Hz;

12. Power consumption: 750W;

13. Machine size (L × W × H): 482 × 380 × 90mm;

14. Package size (1PCS, L × W × H): 570 * 125 * 455mm;

15. Net weight: 14.5 kg.