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Combined amplifier with MP3 (650W)


1.2 channel microphone input, 2 channel AUX output, 1 channel AUX output;

2.100V, 70V constant voltage output and 4Ω-16Ω fixed resistance output;

3.5 unit LED screen indication;

4. There is a silent function for easy insertion of emergency broadcasts;

5. With channel independent volume control, high and low tone adjustment;

6. Output short circuit and lightning protection;

7. A single machine is a complete broadcast system;


1. Amplitude frequency characteristics: ± 2db (60~18kHz);

2. Output power: 650W;

3. Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.5%;

4. Wideband signal to noise ratio: ≥ 81db;

5. Weighted signal to noise ratio: ≥ 86db;

6.LINE OUT output level: 775mV, 2 lotus seats;

7.LINE OUT output impedance: 470 Ω;

8. AUX input sensitivity: 470mV (unbalanced);

9. MIC input sensitivity: 5~10mV (unbalanced);

10. Treble boost, attenuation: ±12dB;

11. Bass boost, attenuation: ±12dB;

12. Power consumption: 700W;

13. Standby power consumption:<3W;

14. Frequency response: 60Hz~18KHz;

15. Output mode: 4~16Ω fixed resistance output, 70V/100V constant voltage output;

16. Protection circuit: DC output, overload, over temperature, short circuit protection circuit;

17. Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C;

18. Ambient humidity: 20% to 80% relative humidity;

19. Input power: ~220V/50Hz;

20. Size: 485x440x89mm;

21. Weight: 21kg;