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Large outdoor Waterproof sound column (120W)


1. Choose pure white baking varnish, the appearance is refined and compact, beautiful and atmospheric;

2. The sound quality is full and round, high sensitivity, and the sound is clear and bright;

3. Built-in high-quality full-range speaker unit, high performance;

4. All-aluminum alloy casing, sturdy and durable, with good waterproof performance;

5. Reducing the true amplification characteristics of vocals and music;

6. Suitable for outdoor background music venues, wall mounted installation;


1. Model: GS-6120;

2. Power: 120W;

3. Constant pressure input: 70V-100V;

4. Frequency response: 140Hz-15KHz;

5. Sensitivity: 98 ± 3 dB;

6. Appearance size: 1384*227*125mm;

7. Installation form: wall-mounted outdoor sound column;

8. Decorative materials: aluminum alloy / iron mesh;

9. Weight: 12.5kg;

10. Speaker size: 6"*6;